1. Meeting call to order

2. Review of 2008 Financial Statement

3. Update on Spill Coop Chairman’s meeting in Regina

a. Dallas Morrell or Pat Gerein

4. Overview on O.S.C.A.R

5. Ministry of Energy and Resources

a. Kenda Friesen

b. Brian Ohlheiser

6. Lunch

7. Planned exercise if weather permits.


Date: April 15, 2009

Time: 10:05  am

Place: Coleville Community Hall

34 Members in Attendance

1. Welcome

2. Daniel Dieana calls the meeting to order @ 10:05,  Bruce Ryberg seconds.

3. Pat Gerein introduces the board members.

4. Pat calls for Nominations:

a. Cody Kohlman nominates Quinton St. Pierre as a director, Daniel Dieana seconds, all in favor carried.

b. Les Cook makes a motion to have Barry Knight join the board.  Seconded by Dave Smith, all in favor, carried.

5. Barry Knight, Knight Rose Accounting, reviews the 2008 financial Statement.

a. Mike Dice makes a motion that the annual financial statement be amended.  Les Cook seconds, all in favor, carried.

6. Dallas Morrell gives an update on chairman’s meeting in Regina.

a. 911 overview  

b. Emergency Response Manuals are key, you can print a manual off of the WCSS Website.

7. Ministry of Energy & Resources

a. Kenda Friesen gives a presentation on:

i. Spill guidelines/internet reporting

ii. Lease inspections

8. We will table the fee structure until the fall.

9. Area II and Enbridge Trailer:

a. Take a look at the trailers and pull the equipment out of the Area II trailer.

10. Lunch

11. Dave Smith makes a motion to pay the caterer for Area II AGM lunch, Mike Dice seconds, all in favor, carried.

12. Members in Attendance:

Daniel DeianaPenn West Energy
Barry KnightKnight Rose Accounting
Arley ShynkarukD & F Welding
Mike DicePenn West Energy
Cody KohlmanEnbridge
Dave SmithNexen
Bruce RybergNexen
Les CookConoco Phillips
Quinton St.PierrePenn West
Pat GereinConoco Phillips
Scott PinceminVertex Oil & Gas
Scott PinceminFrontier Energy
Kenda FriesenEnergy & Resources
Scott WildmanEnergy & Resources
Ron WagnerIsh Energy
Dean DeckTalisman Energy
Geoffrey DommettIsh Energy
Darcy DollPengrowth
Joe LaroqueIsh Energy
Grant ChristisonHarvest
Kelly SmithHarvest
Jason BuziakTrue Energy
Earl Mullen101043235 SK Ltd
Curtis TryttenAction Energy
Al CrennonAlta Gas
Corey KiplingArc Resources
Kelly HaganConoco Phillips
Jeff GravesConoco Phillips
Charles LaytonIOL
Kurt ReimerReece Energy
Roland RicardReece Energy
Dallas MorrellNexen
Jennifer MillerArea Two