Date: June 25, 2008

Time: 1:00 pm

Place: Sask Energy and Resources

Attendees: Les Cook, Kevin Mackrell, Dave Smith, Pat Gerein

Not in Attendance: Charlie Schell,  Dallas Morrell, Bruce Ryberg, Kenda Friesen (SER), Mike Dice, Cody Kohlman, Daniel Deiana

Old Business

1. Discussed minutes from the previous meeting.

New Business

1. Trailer inventory and equipment cleaning scheduled for July 9, 2008 at CCS’ facility North of Kindersley.

a. Les Cook contacted D&F to transport trailer to CCS’ site for annual inspection.

b. Les confirmed with Charlie at CCS on using CCS’ shop on July 9, 2008.

2. Discussion on 24 hour call number??? Is that the number we want to use?  Seems to work for now.

3. Fall exercise scheduled for October 1, 2008.  Pre-planning meeting last week in September.

a. Kevin and Pat checked Penn West 10-8 site.  Waiting on call back from Brian Cooke for approval.

b. Called Eagle Lake PFRA and waiting on a call back.

4. Next meeting: Last week in September to pre-plan for October 1st fall exercise.