Date: May 28, 2008

Time: 10:15 am

Place: Coleville Community Hall

35 Members in Attendance

1. Dallas Morrell calls the meeting to order.

2. Financials

a. 2007 Financial statement was reviewed

b. 2008 budget was reviewed

c. Daniel Deiana makes a motion to audit the 2007 financials.  Ron Moser seconds.  All in favor, carried.

3. Bylaws

a. Consultant fees and Non-member cost associated with equipment usage.

i. Pat Gerein makes a motion that daily trailer rental will be $3,000.00/day and $1,000.00/day for each key responder along with any other associated costs.  
All damaged or used equipment will be replaced.  Tracy Kuhn seconds.  All in favor, carried.

4. Election of Executive

a. Dallas Morrell call for nominations for Chairperson

i.Mike Dice nominates Pat Gerein

ii. Dallas Morrell nominates Daniel Deiana.

iii. Open for other nominations, no other nominations

iv.Bruce Ryberg makes a motion that nominations cease.

v. Vote 32 in favor of Pat Gerein, 3 in favor of Daniel Deiana

vi.Chairperson – Pat Gerein

b. Dallas Morrell called for nominations for Co-Chairperson

i.Dallas Morrell nominates Daniel Deiana

ii. Open to other nominations

iii. No other nominations

iv.Tracy Kuhn makes a motion that nominations cease.  All in favor, carried.

v.Co-Chairperson – Daniel Deiana

5. Election of Directors

a. Daniel Deiana nominates Dave Smith as director, All in favor, carried

b. Les Cook nominates Kevin Mackrell as director, All in favor, carried

c. Les Cook nominates Dallas Morrell as director, All in favor, carried

d. Vaughn Biberdorf makes a motion that nominations cease, all in favor, carried

e. Board of Directors

i. Pat Gerein – Conoco Phillips

ii.Charlie Schell – CCS

iii.Cody Kohlman – Enbridge

iv. Les Cook – Conoco Phillips

v.Daniel Deiana –  Penn West

vi. Mike Dice – Penn West

vii.Bruce Ryberg – Nexen

viii. Dave Smith – Nexen

ix.Kevin Mackrell – Conoco Phillips

x. Dallas Morrell – Nexen

f. The following persons ceased to be a director

i. Mark Neumeier

ii. Rod Meyer

iii. Dan Dennison

6. Sask Oil Contingency Manual


b. Everyone needs to have a contingency manual, if you go to, print off the .pdf file and fill in the blanks.

7. Presentation:

a. Universal Environmental Safety Services, Gary Holmes and Robert White.

b. Universal Environmental Safety Services completed product demonstrations c/w question and answer session.

8. Trailer

a. Some equipment was pulled from the trailer for viewing and inspection.

b. New boom was gone through to verify connections to skimmers would work, all was ok.

9. Closing remarks

a. New Chairman Pat Gerein, thanked everyone for attending.

b. Bruce Ryberg made a motion to adjourn meeting at 1:00 pm, seconded by Dennis Zyla, all in favor, carried.

10. Members in Attendance:

Les CookConoco Phillips
Kevin MackrellConoco Phillips
Dallas MorrellNexen
Robert WhiteVESS
Trent MacdonaldMarble Point Energy
John DippleMeridian Exploration
Scott DippleHarvest Energy Corp
Grant ChristisonHarvest Energy Corp
Tracy KuhnPearl E&P Canada
Bruce HumblePearl E&P Canada
Cory HoffmanPearl E&P Canada
Ryan PartingtonTalisman Energy
Cody KohlmanEnbridge
Gary HolmesVESS
Duane KozickiCSS
Stephen MastelImperial Oil
Kevin NeumeierPenn West
Darcy DahlPengrowth
Pat GereinConoco Phillips
kenda FriesenEnergy & Resources
Scott PincemanVertex Oil
Barry KnightKnight Rose Accounting
Ron MoserRacing Resources
Donald TwinDodsland Oil Processors
Brent TymchuckIsh Energy
Mike ButtarIsh Energy
Caleb MacdonaldDodsland Oil Processors
Vaughn BiberdorfPenn West
Mike DicePenn West
Dave SmithNexen
Chuck LaytonI.O.R
Dennis ZylaPenn West
Bruce RybergNexen
Kevin MillerNexen
Daniel DeianaPenn West


May 28, 2008

Time: 1:20 pm

Place: Coleville Community Hall

 Chairperson Pat Gerein, Les Cook, Bruce Ryberg, David Smith, Cody Kohlman, Mike Dice, Kevin Mackrell & Dallas Morrell

1. The meeting was called to order at 1:20 pm

2. Informal meeting to cover post AGM and exercise details.

3. Mike Dice makes a motion to pay all outstanding bills associated with the AGM and exercise.  Seconded by Bruce Ryberg, all in favor, carried.

4. Directors will meet for trailer clean out June 10th or 17th.  Reorganize and take inventory.  Les Cook and Mike Dice will plan and organize.  
Date my change depending on availability of directors.

5. Next meeting June 25, 2008, Provincial building in Kindersley.  Fall exercise pre-plan meeting.

6. Dallas Morrell makes a motion to adjourn at 3:00 pm, second by Dave Smith, all in favor, carried.