February 25, 2009

Time: 1:00 pm

Location: Kindersley, SK Provincial Building

Attendees: Pat Gerein, Les Cook, Kevin MacKrell, Dave Smith, Daniel Deiana, Bruce Ryberg, Cody Kohlman, Kendra Friesen (Sir) & Barry Knight

Not in attendance: Dallas Morrell, Mike Dice & Charlie Schell

1. 1:05 pm Chairperson Pat Gerein – Call meeting to order

2. Review following correspondence:

a. Letter for membership

b. Letter from Ministry of Justice and Attorney General

c. Area II 2009 Membership list.

Discussion on membership letter, correction to be made to update (SER) to reflex the new title.  Add AGM invitation letter to membership letter.

New Business

3. Kevin MacKrell makes a motion to renew website for 3 years. Seconded by Cody Kohlman, all in favor, carried.

4. Bruce Ryberg makes a motion to pay Sasktel Mobility bill for $125.60.  Seconded by Les Cook, all in favor, carried.

Barry Knight circulates the financial statement.  Bruce Ryberg makes a motion to invest $18000.00 into GIC.  Seconded by Dave Smith, all in favor, carried.

6. Les Cook makes a motion to have Barry Knight join the board.  Seconded by Dave Smith, all in favor, carried.

7. AGM Planning

a. Pre-planning AGM meeting to be held in Kindersley on April 3rd, 2009 at noon.

b. Looking for a guest speaker.

c. Cody Kohlman to inquire if Enbridge will bring their spill equipment to AGM and will also ask if board members can attend Enbridge’s river exercise.

d. AGM date scheduled for April 15th, 2009 to be held in Coleville at the community Hall starting at 10:00 am

i. Jennifer to book hall and lunch

8. Les Cook makes a motion to adjourn meeting at 2:02 pm.  Seconded by Dave Smith, all in favor, carried.