1. Sign in and call meeting to order

2. Brief overview of Area II 2010 year membership #’s and donations.

3. Steering committee member motion to renew/replace.

4. Review 201 Financial statement, Audit financial statement needs to be arranged – Barry Knight

5. Discuss the benefits of Containment, what Area II trailer has to offer, New trailer purchase.

6. Open floor for issues

a. Members to host annual exercise locations

b. Preferred date to host

c. Risks with 2011 spring run off & potential flooding

d. MER News

7. Adjourn meeting and enjoy lunch.


Date: March 23, 2011

Time: 10:00am

Place: Kindersley Elks Hall

24 Members in Attendance

1. Les Cook calls the meeting to order @ 10:00,  Kenda Friesen seconds.  All in favor, carried.

2. Daniel gives a brief overview of 2010

a. 103 reportable spills

b. Membership # –

i. 2007 – 49 pd members

ii. 2008 – 38 pd members

iii. 2009 – 57 pd members

iv. 2010 – 65 pd members

v. 2011 – 39 pd members as of to date

3. Steering committee member motion to renew and replace

a. Quinton St.Pierrie is stepping down as director.

b. Bruce Ryberg, Dave Smith, Les Cook, Cody Kohlman, Daniel Deiana, & Kevin MacKrell will let there name stand as directors.

c. Sara Wilke, lets her name stand for director, Kenda Friesen seconds

d. Daniel Deiana votes Kenda Friesen in as director, Cody Kohlman.

e. Steve Schmaltz makes a motion for nominations cease, Barry Knight seconds, all in favor, carried.

4. 2010 Financial statement

a. Barry Knight reviewed the 2010 financial statement.

b. Barry will get quotes from local auditors in town so we can get the books audited.

c. Bruce Ryberg adopts the financials as read, Dale German seconds, all in favor, carried.

5. The benefits of containment & new trailer purchase

a. Daniel asked why we are part of the spill coop

i. the cost of clean up can be expensive if you are not part of the spill coop

ii.the government makes us

iii. The new trailer is ready to be picked up in Flaxcombe, Arley will pick it up next week when the weather improves

iv. Dave Smith makes a motion to purchase new equipment for training purchases, Cody Kohlman seconds, all in favor, carried.

6. Open floor issues

a. Conoco Phillips will host the Area II spill exercise

b. Once Conoco has picked a date and place they will let the members know.

c. MER News – nothing to report.

7. Daniel Deiana adjourns meeting at 11:00

8. Members in Attendance:

Darryl RobbieBroken Antler
Rob McTaggertRejanne Resources
Steve SchmaltzIsh/Chinook
Dale GermanIsh/Chinook
Stephen MastalImperial Oil
Charles LaytonImperial Oil
Bruce RybergNorthern Blizzard
Tim GallingerPengrowth
Derek ProctorGibson Energy
Kenda FreisenPenn West
Barry KnightArgo Production Accting
Cody KohlmanEnbridge
Jay BrooksEnbridge
Doug LongtinPolar Star
Les CookCPC
Kevin SchellPlains Midstream
Al CennonAlcen Midstream
Al CennonAlta Gas
Arley ShyrkukD & F Welding
Terry BrownNAL Resources
Robin JennNAL Resources
Vic SittenTeine Energy
John DippleTeine Energy
Dave SmithNorthern Blizzard