November 30, 2012
Time: 11:30 am
Location: Kindersley, Coliseum Restaurant

Attendees: Dallas Morrell, Daniel Deiana, Kevin Mackrell, Les Cook, Barry Knight, Sara Wilke, Jennifer Miller
Not in attendance: Bruce Ryberg, Kenda Friesen


1. Area II membership letter
2. 2013 Annual General Meeting Date
3. 2013 Spill Exercise Date
4. Signing Authorities on the cheques
5. Website updates
6. Chairman’s Meeting (Dallas)
7. Miscellaneous info.

1. 12:44 pm Les Cook – Calls meeting to order, Dallas Morrell seconds, all in favour. (scribe Jennifer Miller)

2. Area II Membership Letter
a. Directors reviewed membership letter and invoice.  Make the changes to where MER is located in the letter to Ministry of Economy.

3. 2013 Annual General Meeting Date
a. AGM date is scheduled for March 13, 2013 at the Kindersley Elks Hall.
b. We will have an organization meeting on February 1, 2013 to plan the Annual General Meeting.

4.    2013 Spill Exercise Date
a. Date is tentatively booked for May 29, 2013.  More discussion at a later date.

5. Signing authority
a. Dallas Morrell, makes the motion to add Les Cook to have signing authority on the Area II chequing account and to leave Jennifer Miller and Daniel Deiana with signing authority as well,  Sara Wilke seconded, all in favour, carried. 

6. Website updates
a. Directors will review website and scan and email changes to Jen so I can get the changes made.
b. Membership lists
b.i. Kevin Mackrell makes a motion to makes changes to the website with regards to all the members be listed instead of just the paid members, Sara Wilke seconded, all in favour, carried.
c. Steering Committee Info
c.i. We need to make the contacts for the steering committee to be more visible on the website.
d. Sask Justice
d.i.    Jen to talk to Sask Justice about putting the regulations on the website for non-profit groups.
e. Ministry of Economy
e.i. Anywhere on the website that says MER, needs to be changed to Ministry of Economy.

7. Chairman’s Meeting
a. Dallas Morrell discussed some things that came from the meetings
a.i. Letter will be sent to all non-compliant members.
a.ii. The possibility that spill coop members could be audited.

8. Miscellaneous Information
a. Guiding Principles
a.i. Dallas Morrell makes a motion that Sara Wilke will research history to look for current guiding principles and draft our guiding principles to be presented at the Annual General Meeting, Kevin Mackrell seconds, all in favour carried.

b. Non-Compliant Members
b.i. Dallas Morrell makes a motion to send all non-compliant member list to Ministry of Economy, Barry Knight seconds, all in favour, carried.

9. Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm.