February 1, 2013
Time: 12:30 pm
Location: Kindersley, Coliseum Restaurant
Attendees: Dallas Morrell, Daniel Deiana, Kevin Mackrell, Les Cook,  Sara Wilke, Jennifer Miller
Not in attendance: Barry Knight 

1. 12:30 pm Dallas Morrell – Calls meeting to order, Les Cook seconds, all in favour. (scribe Jennifer Miller)

2. Annual General Meeting
a. Date:    March 13, 2013
b.    Time:    12:00 pm
c. Place:    Elk Hall – Kindersley
d. Jen will order lunch once I know how many people will be attending.
e. Directors will meet at 11:00 to set up tables & chairs.
f. Sask Ministry of Economy will do a 15 minute presentation
g. Financial statement 15 minutes.

3. Discussion around hiring a Contract Company
a. We would still need a steering committee
b. The Contract Company would not have a vote.
c. They would make sure the trailer and inventory is looked after and ready to go
d. They will need a 24hr phone number
e. The means of being able to deliver the 30 foot trailer
f. Provide tech support for skill development during spill exercises for members.

g. These are the information we are looking for from the contract company
g.i. Hourly rates
g.ii. Mileage rates
g.iii. On Call 24 hour rates
h. Kevin Mackrell makes a motion that Sara Wilke will look into prices from 3 different environmental companies for our contract position, Kenda Friesen seconds, all in favour, carried.

4.    Miscellaneous Information
a. The administrator was asked to leave
a.i. Les Cook makes a motion to give the Area II Administrator an increase in wage to $35.00/hour and $1.00/km, Dallas Morrell seconds, all in favour, carried.

5. Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm.