Area II Annual General Meeting

March 13, 2013

1. Welcome and Introduce 2012 Steering committee members
a. Chairman – Daniel Deiana – Penn West Petroleum
b. Vice Chairman – Les Cooke – Conoco Phillips
c. Director – Kenda Friesen – Penn West Petroleum
d. Director – Sara Wilke – Penn West Petroleum
e. Director – Dallas Morrell – Northern Blizzard Resources Inc.
f. Director – Kevin Mackrell – Conoco Phillips
g. Director & Accountant – Barry Knight
h.    Administrator – Jennifer Miller
2. Introduce Mark with Great Plains College – Community Development committee and Oil & Gas sector training and development needs – Member survey
3. Request to call meeting to order, followed by a second
4. Review 2012 Financial Statement 
a. 2012 AGM members agreed to review the financials by third party instead of a full more costly audit.
5. Intro paid technical support/custodian position, yearly contract, Directors solicited 3 Regional Candidates for estimates:  Base on the response suggest contract with W3M Land
6. Member nominations for 2013 Directors, followed by a second.
a. Kevin Mackrell and Dallas Morrell emailed and will let their name stand as directors representing Conoco Phillips & Northern Blizzard Resources Inc.
b. Nominate Chairperson & Vice Chairperson
c. Request for Nominations to cease.
7. Presentation from SME – Saskatchewan Ministry of Economy (postponed until May 29, 2013 – Annual Spill Exercise date at Marengo Hall.

AGM Meeting Minutes
Date:    March 13, 2013
Time:    12:00 pm
Place:    Kindersley Elks Hall
29 Members in Attendance
23 Companies in Attendance

1. Welcome & Introductions
a. Daniel Deiana welcomes everyone for coming and introduces the steering committee

2. Great Plains College Representative
a. Great Plains College is wondering if the companies present at the AGM would be interested in participating in a survey to see what our training and development needs would be now and in the next few years.  Most of the members in attendance thought that they were not the right people to be talking to about this that it should be more the people in management positions to be filling out this survey.

3. Les Cook calls the meeting to order at 1:00 pm, Keith Wirth, Spur resources, seconds, all in favor, carried.

4. Review 2012 Financial Statement – Barry knight
a. 21 members out of 23 members present at the Annual General Meeting voted to do a full audit for 2012.  Barry Knight will make sure the financials get into Saskatoon to have the audit done.

5. Introduced Technical support/Custodial position
a. The directors solicited 3 Regional candidates for estimates for a yearly contract position.
b. Based on the suggested response we have offered the position to W3M Land Management Inc. and they have accepted the offer.
c. Barry Knight makes a motion to hire W3M Land Management Inc. for a 1 year contract as Technical support & Custodian position, Dwaine Kopp, R.E. Line Inc., seconds, all in favor, carried.

6. Member nominations for 2013 directors;
a. Sara Wilke makes a motion to open the floor for nominations, Stacey Spenst, W3M, seconds, all in favor, carried
a.i. Dallas Morrell & Kevin Mackrell let their names stand as directors via email.
a.ii. Les Cook, Kenda Friesen, Sara Wilke, Daniel Deiana, Barry Knight will let their name stand for director.
a.iii. Elliot Cline, nominates Al Greenwood, as director, Neil Getz, seconds, all in favor, carried.
a.iv. Stacey Spenst makes a motion for nominations cease, Barry Knight seconds, all in favor, carried.
a.v. Kenda Friesen nominates Les Cook for Chairperson, Sara Wilke seconds, all in favor, carried. Les Cook nominates Kenda Friesen for Vice Chairperson, Daniel Deiana seconds, all in favor, carried.

7. Presentation by Saskatchewan Ministry of Economy
a. Postponed until May 29, 2013 Spill exercise meeting at Marengo Hall.

8. Daniel Deiana adjourned meeting at 2:00 pm.

9. Members in Attendance:

Les CookConoco Phillips
Kenda FriesenPenn West
Sara WilkePenn West
Dave McIntoshTervita
HarvestGrant Sittler
NuVistaBrad Paulgaard
HarvestJeremy Pangman
HarvestMiles German
Plains MidstreamCassius Hancock
Ish EnergyShane Schell
Ish EnergyBailen Atkinson
EnerplusMitch Lonnberg
EnerplusJanet Jackson
Renegade/SCILNeil Getz
TervitaAl Greenwood
Gibson EnergyElliott Cline
Daniel DeianaPenn West
Stacey SpenstW3M Land
Kurt HewittPenn West
Dwaine KoppRE Line
Mark BeckerFenway Exploration
Mike RossWalgrave
Warren RobbieRambo Resources/Broken Antler Resources
Luke PerraultBridge Creek Trucking
Keith WirthSpur Resources
Darcy DollPengrowth
Merlen GivensCrescent Point
Dennis BylenAlta Gas/Eiger