January  9, 2015

Time: 1:30 pm

Location: Penn West Milton Battery

Attendees: Tiffany Lowe, Scott Pitura, Kurt Jones, Jen Miller, Stacey Spenst, Al Greenwood, Cori Schmidt, Harlan Reiter, Sara Wilke, Les Cook, Kevin Mackrell, Barry Knight

Not in attendance:


1:30 pm Les Cook – Calls meeting to order, Sara Wilke  seconds, all in favour. (scribe Jennifer Miller).


W3M Land Management

Kurt Jones & Mike Cholin will be looking after the trailer

There are a few items that need to be purchased for the trailer, bigger boots and hip waders.

Kurt to price out a new skimmer

When the new spill exercise trailer is ready to go, Mike & Kurt will come get it and transfer the spill exercise to the new trailer.

W3M Land Management contract is due in April.  Jen to update contract and forward to Kurt and the directors.


Chairmans Meeting – Regina Nov 2014

We read minutes of November 21, 2013

Completed and reviewed Old Business

Spill Coop Boundaries – staying as noted on the map found on Area 4 and 5 website



Area 1/VR1 – fees are included in VR 1

Area 2 – $450

Area 3 – $450

Area 3 puts on a membership list on their website and highlights who is in compliance/paid – they have almost full compliance

Area 4 and 5 – $500

Area 4 and 5 do have a GST number and they apply a 5% fee ontop of the $500 to make a fee of $525

Exercises – majority of the groups are going to either a multiday set up or a morning and afternoon session to avoid large groups being present at one time and to promote interaction; Area 6 held an exercise within Regina limits for a pipeline break and had a great turn out, but less participation from nearby schools than would like; also should potentially start to look at completing a report for each exercise completed with the basic details of the day.

Enbridge is getting Area 3 boats

Sask 911 – please see handout that I will scan – basically just saying that in 2015 911 will potentially have the capacity to locate a call from a cell phone and convert between LSD and GPS formats.

New Business

Transport Canada Directive #33

Requires anyone shipping by rail to have an ARAP or ERP for certain substances

A discussion was had previous to the meeting to see if spill coops wanted to be involved within the ERP and aid in rail spills and consensus said no and WCSS also said no – other than providing the equipment if it is needed, no help, men or liabilities will be had with the spill coops

Only 1 team in Sask that can respond to a LPG spill – Spector

Input from ECON reps was that within government no one currently knows who’s jurisdiction a rail spill is – On the ROW of rail line is Federally regulated vs. Off the ROW provincially regulated ; also Transportation Canada vs Environment Canada – currently treated like NEB lines

CEPA Mutual Aid Agreement – Canadian Energy Pipeline Association

Major PL companies not have an agreement that if an incident occurs that all equipment from mutual like companies must be provided – ie Enbridge to aid in a Plains Midstream spill if occurred.

The question of equipment compatibility between the groups evolved from this and may be something to look into in the future – have an equipment list so that when replenishing equipment to have like items.

Orphan Spills

ECON commented that will be treated as it is now and all costs to continually come from the 2 million dollar orphan wells fund. – for the time being

2015 will hopefully see one person dedicated within ECON to managing orphan spills

Discussed ECONs changes in the future with regards to the spill reporting program becoming a self serve system to allow ECON to have more time to complete audits on non compliant facilities and operators


~ other things to note: Every website should have a map or at least links that WORK to all of the other Area websites; Dallas would like to see goose scare cannons bought and put into the Area 2 trailer


NEXT YEARS MEETING : November 19, 2015 – 10:30am at the Executive Hotel in Regina, Sk


Annual General Meeting

Date:     Tuesday April 21, 2015

Place:    Kindersley Elks Hall

Time:     12:00 Lunch and meeting to start at 1:00

Jen to book Elks Hall and lunch for AGM

Ask W3M Land Management to do a power point on last years spill exercise.

Mecon to do a presentation.



Jen read through the general Journal and Trial Balance.

Barry Knight moves the adoption of the financial report as read, Scott Pitura seconds, all in favour, carried.

Kevin Mackrell makes a motion to charge 5% GST on all invoices going forward, Harlan Reiter seconds, all in favour, carried.


New Spill Exercise Trailer

It is ready to go at Prairie Trailer Sales, as soon as we can get a plate for the trailer W3M Land Management will come pick it up and take to Tervita.


Les Cook  adjourns meeting at 3:00 pm.