December 15, 2017

Time: 1:00 pm

Location: Tiene Energy Coleville Battery

Attendees: Dean, Les, Mark, Cori, Dwight, Daniel, Barry

Not in attendance: Graham, Carey Roesler & Tiffany Lowe

1) 1:00 pm Mark Kuss– Calls meeting to order, Les Cook seconds, all in favour. (scribe Jennifer Miller).

2) Reviewed 2018 membership list, invoice and letter

a)    Directors checked over the list to see if we need to add companies or remove companies that have sold.

b)   Directors reviewed membership letter to see if we need to add anything.  Letter is good to go.  Jen can go ahead and mail out membership letter and invoice for 2018 after Mark signs membership letter.


3) Trailer Custodian

a)    W3M is no longer the custodian

b)   Mike Cholin will still look after trailer.

c)    Jen to talk to Decade Answering Service about being our on call number for the Spill response trailer

d)   Jen will do up a new contract and get Mike and Mark to sign.

e)    Mike to send a new inventory list to update the website


4) Regina Spill Coop Chairpersons Meeting

a)    Reviewed meeting minutes from the Chairman’s meeting in Regina

b)   Les Cook makes a motion for Area 2 to pay for mileage, food and hotel room while attending the chairman’s meeting, Daniel Deiana seconds, all in favour, carried.


5) AGM Date:

a)    Date:  Wednesday April 18, 2018

b)   Place:  Coleville Hall

c)    Time:  12:00 pm with Lunch Meeting to follow

6) Spill Exercise

a)    We will look at doing a spill exercise the same time as the AGM if we have water.  We will discuss sometime in February or early March.

b)   Daniel is going to talk to Hollands about water.

c)    When we do the spill exercise we will split into 2 sessions, so everyone will get a chance to use the equipment.

d)   Contact a group to see if they would be interested in looking after our spill exercise.

7) Website

a)    Jen will get changes done to the website as soon as possible

8) Finances

a)    Jen to phone Close, Perkins to see if they will  do a review for us again this year

b)   Mark Kuss makes a motion to change Admin fees to $40.00/hour and office rent to $100.00/month, Les Cook seconds, all in favour, carried

c)    Daniel Deiana makes a motion to give Jen Miller, admin, a $1500.00 bonus, Barry Knight seconds, all in favour, carried.


9) Meeting adjourned at 2:30 pm