Area II Annual General Meeting

April 25, 2018


1.   Lunch

2.   Welcome

3.   Introductions of Area II Steering Committee

4.   Request to call meeting to order, followed by a second

5.   Area II Trailer Update – Mike Cholin

6.   2017 Financial Report – Barry Knight

7.   MER

8.   2017 Membership Update.

9.   Nominations for 2018 Directors, followed by a second.

10.        Request for nominations to cease, followed by a seconder.

11.        Questions

12.        Adjournment

AGM Meeting Minutes

Date:  April 25, 2018

Time: 12:40 pm

Place: Coleville Community Hall, Coleville, SK

54 Members in Attendance

44 Companies in Attendance

1.       Welcome & Introductions

a.      Carey Roesler calls the meeting to order at 12:40 pm, Dwight Brost seconds, all in favor, carried.

b.      Daniel Deiana thanks everyone for coming and introduces the steering committee.

2.      2017 Area II Trailer Update

a.      Mike Cholin gave us an update on the trailer

i.      The trailer did not move in 2017

ii.      Discussion on what is in the trailer and what we need to purchase.

3.      Review 2017 Financial Statement – Barry knight

a.      Barry reviews financial report from Close, Hauta, Bertoia, Blanchette. Barry Knight makes a motion to wave the audit and do a review for another year, Carey Roesler seconds, all in favor carried.

4.      MER (Tiffany Lowe)

a.      Power point from MER

5.      2017 Membership Fees

a.      Jen Miller reviewed our 2017 membership list; how many members paid their fee and how many we are still missing.

b.      Regina will be sending out letters to non-compliant members.

6.      Member nominations for 2018 directors;

a.      Ken Jones makes a motion to open the floor for nominations, Barry Knight, seconds, all in favor, carried

i.      Mike Cholin nominates Cori Schmidt, Graham Daviduk, Les Cook, Barry Knight, Daniel Deiana Dean Ellis, Dwight Brost and Carey Rosesler to let their name stand as director, they accept, Cori Schmidt seconds, all in favor carried.

ii.      Carey Roesler makes a motion for nominations cease, Dwight Brost seconds, all in favor, carried.

7.      Daniel Deiana adjourned meeting at 1:40 pm.

8.     Members in Attendance:

Carey RoeslerSanford Petroleum
Carey RoeslerFiresky Energy
Carey RoeslerTamarack Valley
Graham DavidukCrescent Point
Brent GrocockPrairie Provident Res
Tracy GoddardPrairie Provident Res
Tracy KuhnPearl
Tracy KuhnBlackpearl
Kelvin WallNewalta
Ryan CookeNewalta
Jeff SuchanSecure Energy
Derek OdlandSecure Energy
Josh BewsSecure Energy
Charlie SchellSecure Energy
Jim HolmesClearbrook Resources
John KnutsonLonghorn Oil & Gas
Kent SmigelskiCNRL
Josh BluettTurnstone Energy
Carey EallesEnbridge
Brad KuntzEnbridge
Jeff ElliottEnbridge
Ken JonesISH Energy
Evan PajunenNAL Resources
Tanner ShemerskiISH Energy
Brent HartsookCrescent Point
Chris NeumeierCrescent Point
Chris NeumeierZelmar Oilfield
Chris NeumeierSmitty’s Farm
Dan DoreTamarack Valley
Scott ReimanTamarack Valley
Stu MatthewsRaging River
Barrett RoeschNAL Resources
Jason GiesbrechtRaging River
Brian LongmireNovus Energy
Kirk WeberCona Resources
Elliott ClineGibson Energy
Mike CholinTeine Energy
Paul GreschnerNAL Resources
Dan CalderNAL Resources
Neil GetzSCIL Resources
Neil GetzSpartan Energy Corp
Neil GetzLeeco
Tiffany LoweMER
Katelyn GrahamMER
Allahbaksh RanihaMER
Albert PersteinTurnstone
Murray GrovesAlta Gas
Dennis ByleaAlta Gas
Barry KnightIce Hole Oil Co.  Ltd
Barry KnightCAJ Resources Ltd.
Barry KnightKanmar Resources Ltd.
Barry KnightTalls-tar Energy Ltd.
Barry KnightCrocus Oil Ltd.
Dwight BrostAudax Investments
Dwight BrostPele Energy
Wayne HarperTurnstone Energy
Cale BorschneckTervita
Brett BeckerRocky River
Darrell GoldsmithTurnstone Energy
Nathan WeberCona Resources
Barry KnightLeeco Resources
John BurtZargon Oil & Gas Ltd
Daniel DeianaWhitecap
Cori SchmidtNovus Energy
Cori SchmidtSchmidt Oil
Cori SchmidtSSSS Oil
Cori SchmidtRaven Resources
Tony GreschnerTalls-Tar Energy
Earl MullenIson Resources
Paul NoonanSunset Grain & Oil