DECEMBER 13, 2018


•    Review Chairman’s meeting minutes
•    Review 2019 membership list
•    Review 2019 membership letter
•    Trailer
•    2019 Meeting Dates
◦    AGM
◦    Spill Exercise
•    Questions

Meeting Minutes

Attendance – Les Cook, Mark Kuss, Mike Cholin, Cori Schmidt, Dwight Brost, Daniel Deiana, Graham Daviduk, Jennifer Miller, Dean Ellis

Regrets – Barry Knight, Carey Roesler, Tiffany Lowe

1. Mark Kuss calls the meeting to order at 2:00 pm, Les Cook seconds, all in favor, carried.

2. Chairman’s Meeting

a. Reviewed meeting minutes from Chairman’s meeting in November

3. 2019 Membership list

a. Director’s reviewed list and made their suggestions

b. Take off Newalta & Raging River, they have been sold to other companies

c. Talk to Tiffany regarding Westlake & Rolling Hills

3. 2019 Membership Letter

a. The letter is fine and good to go


a. Mike has done inventory for December, he will forward Jen the sheets to be updated on the webpage.

b. Mike made the suggestion to make the Black trailer a consumable trailer, where we can keep some supplies that are utilized most at a spill and put all the other equipment into the White trailer.  Directors agreed

c. Mike will be stepping down as custodian for Area 2 in April.  That will give him time to get the trailers organized and inventory sheets up to date.  We will talk to Matrix Solutions to see if they would be interested in being Custodian for Area 2.

d. Dwight Brost is going to inquire about leasing  the old Marsollier property down on Railway Ave in Kindersley.  We could move the trailers to this location and maybe get a sea-can that would hold supplies.

6. 2019 Meeting Dates

a. AGM & Spill Date

i. April 24, 2019

ii. 12:00 pm Lunch and meeting to follow

iii. We will do both the AGM and exercise the same day.  We will have a presentation and have the trailer at the hall for everyone to go through.

7. Meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm