March 14, 2019

•    AGM/Spill Exercise
◦    Date – April 24, 2019
◦    What time should we start
◦    Lunch/Elks Hall Booked
◦    Spill Exercise ideas
•    Trailer Custodians

Meeting Minutes

Attendance –Mark Kuss, Mike Cholin, Daniel Deiana, Jennifer Miller,

Regrets – Barry Knight, Carey Roesler, Tiffany Lowe, Les Cook, Dean Ellis, Graham Daviduk,     Dwight Brost, Cori Schmidt

1.    Mark Kuss calls the meeting to order at 2:00 pm, Daniel Deiana seconds, all in favor, carried.

2.    AGM/Spill Exercise Planning

a.    Lunch is booked
b.    Hall is booked
c.    Meeting Times
i.    11:00 – AGM
ii.    12:00 – Lunch
iii.    1:00 – Spill Exercise Presentation
d.    Talk to MER to see if they will do a presentation on what type of spills they are seeing.
e.    Matrix will do a presentation for our spill exercise.
f.    We talked about getting some maps made up of just AREA 2 to hand out at Exercise.

3.    Trailer 
a.    The stuff inside the trailer has been moved.  The Black Trailer has just consumables and the White trailer has everything else.
b.    Mike will forward Jen 2018 inventory list and 2019 inventory list so I can update website.
c.    Matrix Solutions will start looking after the trailers May 1, 2019.  I will do up a contract and send it out to all the board members before I forward it on to Tom Finley at Matrix Solutions.
d.    We discussed getting another trailer filled with consumables to place in another location, in the north part of Area II.   Mark & Daniel will get quotes on 20-21 foot, 5000 lb axle trailer, and than we can discuss further.

4.    Meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm