Area II Fall Spill Exercise

September 21, 2016


  1. Lunch
  2. Welcome
  3. Introduction of Area II Steering Committee
  4. Membership Review
  5. Orientations, General Rules
  6. Review exercise Objectives
  7. Exercise

Area II Spill Exercise

Date:  September 21, 2016

Time: 11:30 am

Place: Major Hall

77 Members in Attendance

38 Companies in Attendance

1. Daniel Deiana calls the meeting to order at 12:05 pm, Mark Kuss, seconds, all in favor, carried.

2. Daniel Deiana Reviewed agenda and introduced the steering committee.

3. We reviewed membership letters that were sent out and how many we have received.

4. Tom Finley, Matrix Solutions, Neil Charters, Allen Hewko – Cactus Environmental

a. Presentations on different clean up techniques and reclamation

5. Randy Gartner reviewed where the muster point will be at the Spill site.

6. Travel to Northern Blizzard Resources Inc.  Plover Lake  – A9-5-35-26.

7. 1:00 – 1:20 – Field presentation:

a. New trailer additions

i.      Wildlife cannon demo

ii.      Scare eyes

iii.      New neumatic driven skimmer

8. Spill Exercise

a. Deployed equipment at 1:25 pm lead by Kurt Jones from W3M Land Management

i.      Boat Crew – Raging River & new participant

ii.      Boom Crew – White Cap, Crescent Point & new participant

iii.      Skimmer Crew – Novus Energy & new participant

iv.      Tube Crew – Ish, Tiene & new participant

v.      Water Pump Crew – Spur, Northern Blizzard & new participant

b. Water was too shallow so explained operations, question and answer

c. Clean up at 1:30 pm with companies who didn’t help with exercise

i.      Enbridge

ii.      Husky

iii.      Bow River

iv.      Caltex

v.      CNRL

d. Debreif

i.      1:50 – 2:00: leave site

9. Members in Attendance:

Steven FluneyISH Energy
Rocky ElphinstoneNovus Energy
Jason GiesbrechtRaging River
Riley BurtonRaging River
Brody RoussonWhitecap
Mark ToewsWhitecap
Malory RosinQuattro
David BrittnerBellatrix Exp
Dennis BylenAlta Gas
Shane TiessenPengrowth
Brian BeattyCardinal Energy
Brendan AbrahamNAL
Brad HamiltonNAL
Randy GartnerNBRI
Mitch SchergerSphere
Allen HewkoCactus Environmental
Scott KitsaWhitecap
Chris WhittletonISH
Tom FinleyMatrix Solutions
David WitzaneyRepsol
Justin VetterCaltex
Wayne SamsonRaging River
Cory WildemanPlains Midstream
Neil ChartersNCRS
Matt MusatNovus Energy
Sam HawkenNovus Energy
Ken BrickBaytex Energy
Roseanne SeversenCrescent Point
Mike CholinW3M
Jody StewartRaging River
Cam BrownHusky Energy
Colin JamiesonArsenal Energy
Carey RoeslerSpur Resources
Carey RoeslerSanford Petroleum
Carey RoeslerFiresky Energy
Daniel DeianaWhitecap
Mark KussTeine Energy/Steel Reef
Mehr TajikMER
Tom TangMER
Aaron HeckCaltex
Murray GrovesAlta Gas
Robin DubeRaging River
Brad PaulgaardBow River Energy
Mike VolkBow River Energy
Mike ReichertISH Energy
Graham DaviduikCrescent Point
Mike HjalteEnbridge
Dan CholinEnbridge
Curtis HalterEnbridge
Brent HartsookCrescent Point
Dustin ElchysonTwin Butte Energy
Cory HoffmanTwin Butte Energy
Jeff AndersenParamount Resources
Ryan CookeNewalta
Chad NelsonSpur Resources
Dave BeckerClearbrook Resources
Jody BrotzelWhitecap
Grant SittlerWhitecap
Mark VolkRaging River
John KnutsonLonghorn
Darwin SchrieberLonghorn
Brandon ZerrNBRI
Mike BowdenWhitecap
Andrew TetzWhitecap
Glenn LussierTervita
Aarya ShahsavarInnocorps
Adam ClarkeInnocorps
Alexander ChanInnocorps
Kelly HaganCNRL
Dion SwanCNRL
Chad SchwanbeckTeine Energy
John BurtZargon Oil & Gas
Bill DupuisCaltex
Ron ReeceBroadview Energy
Ron ReeceRavens Cross Energy
Kiley SwanNBRI
Jeff McleodRaging River Resources
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