Area II Annual General Meeting & Spill Exercise

March 22, 2017


  1. Welcome
  2. Introductions of Area II Steering Committee
  3. Request to call meeting to order, followed by a second
  4. Area II Trailer Update – W3M Land Managment
  5. 2016 Financial Report – Barry Knight
  6. Econ
  7. 2016 Membership Update.
  8. Nominations for 2017 Directors, followed by a second.
  9. Request for nominations to cease, followed by a seconder.

10.Nominations for Chairman & Vice Chairman, followed by a second



13.Spill Exercise – WCSS Oil Spill Containment and Recovery in a Water Body with and Ice Sheet Table Top exercise


AGM Meeting Minutes

Date:  March 22, 2017

Time: 11:16 am

Place:  Kindersley Elks Hall

92 Members in Attendance

64 Companies in Attendance

  1. Welcome & Introductions
    1. Dave Lowe calls the meeting to order at 11:16, Mike Cholin seconds, all in favor, carried.
    2. Les Cook welcomes everyone for coming and introduces the steering committee.
    3. 2016 Area II Trailer Update
      1. Mike Cholin gave us an update on the trailer
  1. Review 2016 Financial Statement – Barry knight
    1. Barry reviews financial report from Close, Hauta, Bertoia, Blanchette. Barry Knight makes a motion to wave the audit and do a review for another year, Carey Roesler seconds, all in favor carried.
  1. Econ (Tiffany Lowe)
    1. Power point from ECON
  1. 2016 Membership Fees
    1. Jen Miller reviewed our 2016 membership list, how many members paid their fee and how many we are still missing.
  1. Member nominations for 2017 directors;
    1. Garnet Jeffries makes a motion to open the floor for nominations, Murray Moffatt, seconds, all in favor, carried
      1. i.     Garnet Jeffries nominates Cori Schmidt, Graham Daviduk, Les Cook, Barry Knight, Daniel Deiana and Carey Rosesler to let their name stand as director, they accept, Dean Ellis seconds, all in favor carried.
      2. ii.     Les Cook, nominates Seamus Murphy, as director, Seamus accepts, Mark Kuss seconds all in favor, carried.
      3. iii.     Garnet Jeffries nominates Dean Ellis as director, Dean accepts, Stacey Spenst seconds, all in favor, carried.
      4. iv.     Mark Kuss nominates Dwight Brost as director, Dwight accepts, Daniel Deiana seconds, all in favor.
      5. v.     Les Cook nominates Mark Kuss as chairperson, Mark accepts, Mike Cholin seconds, all in favor, carried,
      6. vi.     Les Cook nominates Daniel Deiana as Vice Chairperson, Daniel accepts, Mark Kuss seconds, all in favor, carried.
      7. vii.     Murray Moffatt makes a motion for nominations cease, Carey Roesler seconds, all in favor, carried.
  1. Les Cook adjourned meeting at 11:50 am.
  1. Lunch
  1. Spill exercise started at 12:45 pm
    2. No equipment was deployed for this exercise
    3. Exercise was completed at 2:25 pm

10.  Members in Attendance:

Maroin BuchananNAL
Glenn LussierTervita
Chad MillerISH Energy
Rob SchmidtISH Energy
Darryl RobbieRambo Resources
Mehr TajikMinistry of Economy
Murray MoffatIPL
Michael PsovskyD.O.P
Ryan CookeNewalta
Aaron HeckCaltex
Mike GaleAltaGas
Corey BartschLonghorn
Jocelan LundquistCNRL
Kelly HagenCNRL
Clayton ArtymovichLonghorn
Tiffany LoweMECON
Dwight BrostAudax Investments
Dwight BrostPele Energy
Dwayne RoyGear Energy
Earl MullenIson Resources Ltd
Earl MullenTalls tar Energy Ltd.
Stacey SpenstSmitty Farms
Stacey SpenstZelmar Energy
Les CookCNRL
Mark KussSteel Reef
Josh BluettTurnstone Energy
Josh BluettWhitecap Resources
Josh BluettBounty Developments
Neil GetzSpartan Energy Corp
Neil GetzSCIL Resources Inc.
Daniel DeianaWhitecap Resources
Jeremy KramerZargon Oil & Gas
Brent GrocockPrairie Provident Res
Carey RoeslerTamarack Valley
Carey RoeslerSanford Petroleum
Carey RoeslerFiresky Energy
Cori SchmidtNovus Energy
Cori SchmidtSSSS Oil
Cori SchmidtRaven Resources
Tracy GoddardPrairie Provident Res
Steven FluneyISH Energy
Malory RosinQuattro
Scott WebbXTO Energy
Mike GerlinskyHusky Oil
Henry ScheckHusky Oil
Carson LeifsonPlains
Dean EllisWhitecap Resources
Tyler LivingstoneISH Energy
Ron ReeceBroadview Energy
Wes JohnsonBonavista Energy
Terry ZuntiRichelhoff Resources
Pius BaierCaltex
Ted BurrowsCaltex
Ryan GreenwoodISH Energy
Scott AnnisISH Energy
Vince GibersonBellatrix Exploration
Cody ToddCNRL
Marc LavalleeCNRL
Ryan WinquistInnocorps Research
Arthur LoucksInnocorps Research
Brian NorrisAltaGas
Brian LongmireNovus Energy
Paul NoonanSunset Oil & Gas
Brian McMillianGibsons Energy
Charlie SchellSecure Energy
Derek OdlandSecure Energy
Josh BewsSecure Energy
Craig CaseleyCrescent Point
Chris NeumeierCrescent Point
Ron WagnerISH Energy
John KnutsonLonghorn
Byron WildmanISH Energy
Scott KissPetro One
Brad SavageCardinal Energy
Dave BeckerClearbrook Resources
Devin RitscoSecure energy
Jeff AndersenParamount Res
Brett BeckerRocky River
Jesse WagnerNovus Energy
Ken JonesISH Energy
Bud BluettWhitecap Resources
Bud BluettBounty Development
Bud BluettTurnstone Energy
Shawn JacksonISH Energy
Doug BredyCNRL
Conner KiddBaytex
David LoweAbbey Resources
Calvin KohlmanNBRI
Nathan WeberNBRI
John DahlCrescent Point
Vince FrazerGear Energy
Ashton TetzlaffIPL
Mark KussTeine Energy
Garnet JeffriesCrocus Oil
Greg BeaumontKaisen Energy
Barry KnightCAJ Resources Ltd.
Barry KnightHD Energy Inc.
Barry KnightLeeco Resources Ltd.
Barry KnightTalls tar Energy Inc.
Barry KnightIce Hole Oil Co Ltd.
Barry KnightKanmar Resources Ltd.
Larry SeversenGibsons
Steve LeeLeeco Resources
Ron ReeceRavens Cross Energy
Mike CholinW3M Land Management
Bryan FullertonRaging River
Vance BrostRaging River

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